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💜 Demo Pub Server v6 💜

Hosted by Cinnamon.
This server may be reset without warning, don't depend on it! Run your own, instructions here.

Package versions:

    "earthstar": "6.8.5",
    "earthstar-pub": "6.0.5"

🗃 Earthstar Pub

This is a pub server hosting 17 unlisted workspaces.

If you know the workspace address, you can manually craft an URL to visit it:



Replace :workspace with your actual workspace address, including its leading plus character.

Sync with command line

You can sync with this pub using earthstar-cli.

First create a local database with the same workspace name:

$ earthstar create-workspace localfile.sqlite +exampleworkspace.12345

Then you can sync:

$ earthstar sync localfile.sqlite

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